Anticipation of Air Pollution Density Patterns Affected by Wind Velocity Based on Fourier Transform Spectrometer Across the Silk Road Countries by Using EcoBeltSat—A 6U CubeSat

EcoBeltSat is a 6U nanosatellite (CubeSat) able to offer access on space for scientists to determine the effects of cross-border air pollution flux, and acquire a more precise understanding of climate change and global warming for the Belt and Road countries. The objective of this CubeSat mission is demonstrated by the use of an onboard atmospheric spectrometer as the first payload. Therefore, a second payload is suggested to estimate and localize renewable energy sources in these countries. The aim of this mission is achieved based on Fourier transform spectrometer (FTS), which is used for wind velocity measurement around the globe by using Cubesats. This data can offer confidence to the investors in the sector of renewable energy projects, for example, wind farms, solar power plants, and other systems. In this article, the association of air pollution measurements by the spectrometer and the wind velocity measurements by FTS instrument is proposed to give an innovative idea and the opportunity for a spaceborne predictive pollution map which avoid the actual implementation of billions of sensors implanted on the ground around the world.

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